Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Premiere : Axel Karakasis – Unstable Blister (Remain Records)

RemainLtd111 has arrived just in time for the celebrations of the festive season. A three-track EP by Axel Karakasis is in place to lift...

Premiere : Gurbo – Someplace Somewhere (Mozaiku)

Taken from A Place To Take A Rest EP,Third Mozaiku release, with Gurbo. Our special slow tempo mixed with the industrial and corrosive techno...

Premiere : Ale F & Crazy Sonic – The Rant (Ballroom...

Ballroom Records continues to define the sound of Berlin’s underground with an EP from Ale F & Crazy Sonic that features four tracks of...

Premiere : “Apatia”- Barcelona prodigy Asier Vico debuts on Devotion Records

Devotion Records keeping it's values and vision strictly devotion to pure techno, always succeeds to discover new talents. With the bar being already sky-high,...

Ruskin & Broom ‘Domwen’ (Blueprint)

Following on from Rommek’s ‘Set In Stone Trilogy’, Blueprint sees out the end of the year with a new Ruskin & Broom EP. In recent...

Premiere : Risto Sokolovski – Hells Bells

The next release on Revolucion Records brings the latest new music from their recently signed Czech based artist Risto Sokolovski, following on from his...

Premiere : Wisna – After The Ground (Devotion Records)

Taken from ¨Pressure Point¨ EP ,out October 29th on Devotion Records Spanish miraculous producer, Wisna, with a great reputation of rapid progression and evolution...

Premiere : Marc Hoffmann – Titan

The 24th release on Anorrack Records welcomes Marc Hoffmann to the label with his 3 track technotastic EP 'Saturn'. https://soundcloud.com/dubiks/premiere-marc-hoffmann-titan Attention DJ’s Marc Hoffmann - Titan and...

Premiere : P.U.L.S.A.R- 1606

P.U.L.S.A.R has already started putting his mark on the music industry with several quality releases where he paints a wide palette of deep, groovy...

Premiere : The Factor – Reflect Gate

Taken from Pressure Levels EP out October 1st on Frequenza https://soundcloud.com/dubiks/premiere-the-factor-reflect-gate/s-e65F7 Connect Artist,Label,Support http://www.frequenzarecords.com http://facebook.com/frequenzarecords https://www.beatport.com/release/pressure-levels/2386999