Basti Grub announces Time LP on Aprapta Music

Aprapta Music announces Time, the new album from esteemed producer Basti Grub. It is a seven track opus that showcases his richly detailed, hard to categorise sound and is a fantastic listen for both DJs and dancers alike.

German Basti Grub is a man with many styles. He is a production machine with many credits to his name, releases on labels like Desolat, Suara, Digital Traffik, and many more. He mixes up techno, house and minimal with great sound design and a cinematic style that make his music as good for the head as it is the heel. This new album is no different.

Apollina kicks things off with shuffling grooves and water sounds, loose, tin pot percussion and dry claps that all get right under your skin. Lerasin is another perfect synthetic symphony of little pops and clicks, squelchy modulations and trippy chords all underpinned by slick and rubbery drums. Some foreign vocals add an air of intrigue and its a prime minimal house track.

All Basti’s tracks are long affairs that evolve and mutate over time. Blob is a fine example with its spacious and eerie design, skeletal groove and minute but meticulous little details. Move On is a melodic and mellifluous track with harmonic bell sounds layered up over slippery drums that burrows into the night, Fey again shows off his glowing, melodic techno sound with sonorous bells hypnotising you as the drums roll on and Come Back is a dubbed out delight that will keep back rooms warm through winter. Dozen close things out with freaky vocals, more whacked out drums and freaky sound effects and is a real minimal trip.

This is an expressive and skilled release that shows Basti Grub is a master of unusual sounds, weird moods and infectious grooves.

1) Basti Grub – Apollina
2) Basti Grub – Lerasin
3) Basti Grub – Blob
4) Basti Grub – Move On
5) Basti Grub – Fey
6) Basti Grub – Come Back
7) Basti Grub – Dozen


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