Video Premiere : Willie Graff & Daren Eboli – Love Flight

The New York/Ibiza resident DJ Willie Graff has teamed up with his studio buddy Daren Eboli. Together they have produced the New Yorker EP Tribeca Tapes and released it on the Danish recordlabel Music For Dreams.

Willie Graff splits his years between DJ residencies in New York and Ibiza. With this new outing together with studio partner Darren Eboli the influence is, as the title suggests, clearly NY-based. Over only four tracks, the pair manages to craft a stunningly comprehensive exploration of the essential elements of dance music.

“Love Flight” staggers into a lush string-driven groove that recalls the glory of Metro Area meets Wally Badarou vibes. Minimal yet playful it lounges somewhere in the depths of the house tradition, calling on familiar sounds while throwing in odd details along the way. It takes both skill, devotion and a sense of humor to pull this track off, making for a strong opening.

Watch “Love Flight” Video Premiere shot in New York ,it features a dancer going to an audition and dancing through New York.

Denmark’s Music For Dreams continues to provide fine, off-kilter deep house by the truckload, and this new single from Drumpoet Community’s Willie Graff and Darren Eboli is a lovely flash of sun-kissed dance music to bring the summer months in. “Love Flight” is an aptly dreamy wash of gentle house beats, while “First Light” expands further out into the ether. On the flip, “Second Sun” brings in a lush, warm bass that gets the groove on the funky side, leaving “Moon Tan” to bubble gently in a pool of tropical percussion jingles that could easily be left on repeat. Nice stuff from both label and artists!

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