Premiere : Delicate Droids – Where Are My Panties

Today #dubikspremiere is Mysterious duo Delicate Droids with Where Are My Panties,taken from Walk of Shame ,out May 11 on on Superfreq
Nr.1o on #dubiksmusiccharts TOP 40 Techno May Chart

Delicate Droids are back on Superfreq with a second of two EPs after a long wait since their debut release in 2015. It features three inventive tracks and again pushes tech house into new territory.
This pair is made up of Richard D. Ruttenberg and Peter “Dutchie” Dutch and between them they are classically trained in jazz, work in film soundtrack composition and run labels including Right Nut Records, Bombis and STARKfutures. As producers they use all their varied and vast experience to cook up deep, meaningful club tunes that resonate long after you hear them.

Up first is the innovative ‘Where Are My Panties’, eight trippy and energetic minutes of whirring machines and cosmic exploration. Swirling pads bring a galactic feel to the busy synth lines and thick basslines, with explosive melodies also sure to catch the attention of the club.

Fantastically freaky cut ‘The Room Is Spinning’ is more direct and driven, with unhinged drums and scuzzy synths burrowing deep as tension builds throughout. It’s filled with twists and turns and will wreak havoc in any set as a result.

Last of all is ‘I Peed In Your Boot’ with hard hitting kick drums hammering out a groove, fat acid bass fleshing things out and more sci-fi madness in the background all adding to the cinematic feel.

This is another standout and forward looking EP of intergalactic tech house.

Release Date:11-05-2018

1. Where Are My Panties
2. The Room Is Spinning
3. I Peed In Your Boot

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