Premiere: Jadu Tona – Faux Jazz(Hot Elephant Music)

Faux Jazz by Jadu Tona, from Various Artists ‘Quiet Someone’ released 02 March on Alexander Robotnick’s Hot Elephant Music label

‘Quiet Someone’ is a showcase of emerging electronic sound by four Bengali artists. Voices stepping outside the hiatus of industrial electronica. Though there is nothing audibly “Bengali” about the sound or aesthetics, the artists and their cultural lineage is deeply connected to West Bengal. The artists living in three distant parts of the world, however Bengali, are bound by language and not traditions. The objective is to present the Bengali Proto-Sound of today. Curated by Audio Pervert, the EP is an independent project between Spain, India and the U.S. Set against the seething roaring zeitgeist of today, we invite you to listen to ‘Quiet Someone’. A narrative centred on sound based introspection.

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