Premiere : Persohna – Shelter

Taken from Sleepthinking EP,out September 24 on Simplecoding Recordings

Simplecoding is a Techno label based in Buenos aires, Argentina. They believe in techno as a global language, a way to comunicate, a simple code used for expressing.

Persohna is a DJ and Producer born in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. Permanent resident in London and founder of Stomper Records and Aesir Records. Persohna has contributed with Simplecoding before with remixes on the SIMC0013 and latter on the SIMC0033.

Simplecoding now presents his debut EP the SIMC0038 ‘Sleepthinking’ with 4 great original tracks soacked in his characteristic punding techno, amazing driving basslines and peak time powerness.
The Simc0038 also includes a great remix by the rising Star Åre:gone, the Cuban producer who’s rapid recognition is based on the excellent material he produces.

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