Watch : Jerry Bouthier – Something Spaecial 100 (Emerald & Doreen birthday mix)

Eclectic electronic German label Emerald & Doreen unleashes Something Spaecial Vol.100 a timely birthday mix gathering some of its best latest releases selected and mixed by Jerry Bouthier.
A guest dj mixes series made popular on Soundcloud by The Robot Scientists two thirds of Emerald & Doreen’s A&R nucleus Something Spaecial celebrates its 100th edition with a brand new dj mix cooked with love by longtime fan and collaborator Jerry Bouthier.

Jerry Bouthier explains:
In just a few years and over 250 releases (singles & albums), Emerald & Doreen has become the welcoming port of call to a wild zoo of explorer musicians, creative misfits and loony freaks… people making music too, refreshingly, not just money. This growing global gang of whacky racers shares a common thread, it exultes honest artistry whatever music breed it originates from. With a similar (art before business) stance, this label boasting a, pretty rare these days, enthusiasm for melody, almost 360 degrees open-mindedness to styles, bridges the past with the present and the future, creating a haven for all those who don’t wish to be pigeonholed in today’s simplistic music categorisations: cheesy pop or vacuous underground?

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