Listen : Royal Sun’s “Fields” – 4 track EP traversing through minimal, ambient and techno

Following their debut release last year, new imprint Union present their second offering, this time from label co-founder Royal Sun. Royal Sun takes the reins with a four track EP geared towards those with left-leaning tastes, blurring the boundaries between minimal, ambient and techno. Un-002 is a perfectly crafted combination of techno offcuts, pulsating drum kicks and obscure synth sounds. Un-002 is released on 24/08/2018 with digital to follow.

Royal Sun has a production style that is not afraid to keep things minimal, creating airy but rich soundscapes.
Track A1 ‘Prior State’ provides an ambient cinematic opening to the EP, building into fragmented glitchy echoes that create an alien sonic landscape.
A2 ‘Exact Position’ repositions the landscape with relentless bass, drum and insect like percussion exploring layers of noisy resonance resolving in a calling melody.
B1 ‘Fields’ strikes a more propulsive tone with pacing percussion lines and meandering rhythmic synth effects with the occasional soft pad appearance to ground the atmosphere.
B2 ‘Mirror SelfLike That’ opens on a barren foreboding atmosphere with growling synth FX. As the track progresses it creeps towards creating a more ethereal space with angelic synth plucks weaving through the higher frequencies, leaving a bright conclusion to the EP.

Release date : 24/08/2018

A1 – Prior State
A2 – Exact Position
B1 – Fields
B2 – Mirror SelfLike That