Premiere : Alexey Yarygin – Kismet

Alae Records welcomes Alexey Yarygin, a very talented musician and composer. When Alexey plays the piano, time stops and another dimension opens. His talent lies in the fact that Alex himself disappears, leaving the whole space to his music.

Olympia Garden EP. This is a perfect example of how it works. In an embodiment of Alexei’s inherent modesty, he claims that these beautiful works were “hidden in the table”. An excellent example of the artist’s work and the Alae Records’ production techniques, this mini EP offers two stunning tracks.

Olympia Garden — Experiments with old-school vibes in this track reveal new faces and modern sounds. The traditional instruments emerge from this track in new ways. A melodious grand piano evokes deep memories of mysterious landscapes containing subtle energies of healing and tranquillity.

Kismet — the powerful sound of a modern synthetic orchestra depicts the flight of the Valkyries of these days. Here, Yarygin skillfully works with orchestral arrangements and transforms them into a modern electronic expression.

Heart-stirring music with a light touch of classical form and ethnic electronic sound.
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