Introducing : Eloise – with debut track ‘You, Dear’

Be prepared to fall head over heels in love with Eloise, who arrives today with her debut single ‘You, Dear’.

Eloise is a Londoner, but she spent her formative years in rural Normandy before moving over to North London at 10. It was in their eccentric family farmhouse – just outside Caen – that Eloise’s music first began to come together as she started to teach herself piano, and later write songs inspired by her musical mother who played her endless classics from Carole King, Billy Joel and a whole lot of jazz. All the while she was devouring films like Calamity Jane, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Singing In The Rain.

Her first offering is ‘You, Dear’ – a song inspired by watching another old film ‘Anastasia’ in a hotel room in Amsterdam. The film provoked a chain of thought within Eloise’s own head as she watched the lead character fall for the person she least expected she would, an experience Eloise could relate to herself. The result is a beautifully delicate lilt, dripping with soul that captures perfectly the feeling of falling for the wrong person, despite your better knowledge. Flawlessly balancing sadness and optimism, ‘You Dear’ is an effortlessly exquisite debut from one of the UK’s most intriguing new voices.

Watch Eloise perform the track