Introducing: re6ce Liverpool’s rising star with new single ‘sos’

Today marks the release of ‘sos’, the new single from one of the UK’s most exciting new artists – re6ce, a 17 year-old artist from Liverpool. re6ce aka Reece Downes has been making music since 2021, at home on his laptop. Echoing a post-pandemic sentiment felt by plenty of his contemporaries – “On and on every day, same old shit, I need a change” – ‘sos’ is an instant earworm, destined to be played on repeat.

Inspired by UK punk, hyperpop, indie and US cloud rap, re6ce has already found success on TikTok with previous track ‘teeth (you)’ racking up millions of streams, and has quickly established himself among up and coming artists such as Riovaz and Overpade, cultivating a growing fanbase. re6ce draws inspiration from online-adjacent pop artists like ericdoa and PinkPantheress to create his own blend of UK grunge & punk influenced pop music.

Listen or download ‘sos’Here
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