TWINKIDS – Jigoku Tengoku

TWINKIDS is the electronic pop project of pianist-producer Matt Young and Tokyo-native singer-songwriter Gene Fukui. After meeting at Oberlin College & Conservatory in northeast Ohio – the same rural campus that spawned the likes of Teengirl Fantasy, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Liz Phair – the two quickly discovered a mutual reverence for electronic music and began writing, producing, and performing as one.

The combination of Gene’s experience as a J-pop songwriter and Matt’s background in classical piano is delivering genre-bending tunes with catchy hooks and lush harmonies.

‘Jigoku Tengoku’ is about that person who’s deeply broken and desperate for love. The guy who’s manipulating someone to come be with him, but only when it’s most convenient. The words “Jigoku Tengoku” mean “hell or heaven” in Japanese. It’s a pretty lie he’s telling his lover, saying he’ll follow them to the depths of hell or heaven, that “this time’s different,” but those are just empty words.

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