Nikki O/Javonntte – The Color of Midnight on Ele Records

Detroit natives, Nikki O and Javonntte, collaborate on EP filled with MOTOR CITY soul.

Nikki O, best known for her work with Moodymann, is joined by Javonntte who worked and toured with the late Aretha Franklin.

The release includes two bubbling soulful house tracks on the A side which are followed up by two Detroit dubs on the B side.

Release Date: 09/11/18
Format: Vinyl
1. Nikki O/Javonntte – Love Without You (Vocal) (5:11)
2. Nikki O/Javonntte – Sweet Midnight (Vocal) (4:42)
3. Nikki O/Javonntte – Love Without Dub (5:08)
4. Nikki O/Javonntte – Sweet Midnight Dub (4:58)