Listen : Happa announces ‘Argot’ EP with unconventional new track ‘Wen U Relli Hit It’

Fresh from releasing his ‘عشق‎’ project, a genre-spanning collection of tracks inspired by the 1983 album ‘L’Amour’ by elusive French-Canadian artist Lewis, Leeds-based electronic producer Happa has returned to the club with a brand new project, ‘Argot’. To be released on November 2nd, ‘Argot’ is a four track release pushing the boundaries of electronic sounds in completely unique style. Today, Happa unveils the first track from the ‘Argot’ EP, ‘Wen U Relli Hit It’.

Happa – Argot EP tracklist
Argot (Parris Remix)

Wen U Relli Hit It
Wen U Relli Hit It (Kowton Remix)