Dubwise Records Pres. Mighty 30, Vol. I

Dubwise presents the Mighty Thirty; a look back at how it all began.

Grant Dell & Jay Tripwire’s Dubtronic yields cosmic rhythms with a deep dark bassline laden over drifting pads, wrapped up with a dubby vocal refrain and bobbing cavernous stabs. Audio Soul Project Remix of Chris Udoh’s Blue Everything recapitulates the original’s elements while wrapping it around jazzy keyboards, melodic interludes, and a funky House base.
Legendary DJ Rasoul takes Emilliano Martini’s In The Park into the dubby psychedelic drifting beauty that is the Playground Mix. The Rob Pearson Remix of Patrick Turner’s Consecration continues the mind-expanding House lunacy while bridging the original’s temperament with skillful drum work and sonorous bass stabs. A striking Benji Cadelario Remix of Ubbah’s Slow Motion takes it to a more club orientated space by upping the drum work, adding counter points between the stabs and pads, while simplifying the arrangement for the floor. Brett Johnson Remix of Terry Vernixx Galatea is an astronomical journey that recapitulates the ethereal synths of the original while adding a fresh set of tech-house rhythms coupled to dynamic bass tones and space drones. Circle’s amazing Into The Troposphere slowly builds around melodious synths and drifting pads wrapped around a 303 acidic bass and solid drum foundations. Black In Time, also known as the great DJ Ra-Soul and Don Crisp chime in with Earth Bound, a bouncy tripped-out House jam resplendent with analogue synthesizers, rubber bass, reverbed percussion, as well as atmospheric edges. Kurt Baggaley’s Amicus is a beautiful mélange of progressive and deep stylistics utilizing harmonious analogue keys wrapped around breakbeats and solid kicks. Gee Moore’s resplendent Boom Boom is a fresh slice of sunset-inspired melodics and rhythms coupled to an infectious chunky groove.
Release 23/11/2018