Gadi Mitrani : on his favourite Seven Villas releases to date (TOP 5 Stream)

A long-time favourite in his native country, Gadi Mitrani has been representing the Turkish underground with esteem since he first burst onto the scene over 15 years ago. A unique and prodigious talent, Mitrani’s ceaseless love for all things electronic music has led to some of the scene’s most hallowed and celebrated dancefloors. A true visionary, he was one of the first to notice the potential of Turkey’s electronic music scene — and as such is deemed an influential figure to many of the country’s fledgling electronic music producers.

Gadi has just released his latest compilation on Pablo Bolivar’s Seven Villas. The compilation features 19 previously released on Seven Villas, mixed in to 70 minutes. We thought it was a great time to have a chat with Gadi about his favourite releases on the label so far. Check out what he had to say below!

1 – Lessovsky – Desert of Sorrow (Original Mix)

I really love the melody and the sound one this one. He is one of my favorite producers on Seven Villas. I love everything he does.

2 – Modd – Cosmic (Original Mix)

Also love everything he does; so dreamy with very cinematic melodies. I love the drum sequence too, so unique; inspirational work.

3 – Gadi Mitrani – Seesaw (Original Mix)

This is a special one for me, I wrote this after I had an amazing day with my 4 year old son at the children’s park.
The next day I went again to record some children playing sounds and screams and then put on the track,
So I made ‘Seesaw’ for my love.

4 – Pablo Bolivar & In2Deep – Eve (Original Mix)

I’ve already put this on many podcast, many times!
You can play this track any time, you can open the set or close with it, it is a modern masterpiece.

5 – Maxi Degrassi – Magma (Original Mix)

This one is great. Nice sound, driving bassline, I always play it in my DJ sets.

Gadi Mitrani Plays 7V is out now on Seven Villas.
Buy it here.