Kristin Velvet ‘High Ache / No Worries’ EP

Bringing a lustrous dose of disco-doused headiness to Cassy’s Kwench Records imprint is Australian producer Kristin Velvet with a stunning two-track outing.

Kristin Velvet has been infiltrating the dance music bubble for a decade on a global-wide scale. Promoting and DJing in Tokyo was followed by a stint as Australian label manager of UK-based imprint Domino Records, and most recently she’s enjoying cultivating a reputation as an essential figure of Berlin’s club scene with her being on Watergate’s artist agency and co-running Berlin-based house and techno label Arms & Legs with Daniel Steinberg and Nils Ohrmann.

Road-ready club goodness is what Kwench Records stands to consistently deliver, whether that be house or techno. Kristin has the flair and ability to experiment with both – she’s had Louie Vega and Cari Lekebusch give her work a rerub which is proof of her broad appeal. She’s continuously proving herself to be a reliable artist for pushing standout tracks, and I regularly turn to her for adding a kick to my sets.” – Cassy

Released 14th December

01. High Ache
02. No Worries