Deep Tracks of the Year 2023

For our latest Deep ConnectFM edition, we’ve meticulously curated a selection of 40 tracks from the hundreds of featured and supported tracks throughout this year.

40 Deep (House, Tech, Techno, Melodic,…,) Tracks of the Year 2023 available to stream now via Soundcloud, Mixcloud & Playlist on Spotify

Features: Laurent Garnier, Nightmares On Wax, Villalobos & Javasoul, Hercules & Love Affair, Lucid Lucia, Dan Curtin, Bushwacka, Støll, Deadbeat, Philipp Priebe, Normal Stage, Anton Kubikov, Toktok, Marc Schneider & Aaron Hedges, Bootleg Contraband, 4D, Actress, Mathew Jonson, Jon Delerious, Hipp-E & Rob Paine, Klaus Benedek, Khulile, NPerfectDuo, Dubrovnik, Naan Boys, Orlando Voorn, Krankbrother, Eddie Merced, Eloi, Tom Toms, apaull, Luke Hess, HARBISON, Cinthie, St. David, Francesco Mami, Vito Natoli, Hansgod, CJW, Federico Gandin, Nabil Hayat, So Kobayashi, Tiny Elvis, Molecule, Johnny Clarke, Dark Room Robot, Pangaea, Dara Ashrafi, Ohm Hourani, Sean Ocean and more

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40 Deep Tracks of the Year 2023

1. Laurent Garnier – Multiple tributes (to multiple people, for multiple reasons) [COD3 QR]
2. Støll – Sahara [from any direction]
3. Deadbeat – Huey Lewis Voters Dub (Negotiation) [Deadbeat]
4. Philipp Priebe – Marble [Stólar]
5. Normal Stage – FV1 [Amplify Records]
6. Anton Kubikov – Café de Flore (Doctor Rokit)[Sound of Berlin]
7. Toktok – April (Marc Schneider & Aaron Hedges remix) [Toktok Records]
8. Bootleg Contraband – Window Pane (4D Remix)[Section Eight Music]
9. Actress – Push Power ( a 1 ) [Ninja Tune]

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10. Mathew Jonson – Into The 5D (Space Dub) [km 4.5]
11. Jon Delerious – Sound Box (Hipp-E & Rob Paine Remix) [Worship Recordings]
12. Klaus Benedek – Tombstone [fortunea]
13. Khulile – Another Problem [Stay True Sounds]
14. Nightmares On Wax – Reclaim The Balcony Pt 2 [Warp Records ]
15. NPerfectDuo – Madame (Dubrovnik Remix) [Opilec Music]
16. Naan Boys – Dynamo [Parabel]
17. Orlando Voorn – Between The Surface (Mix 2) [Rhythm Cult]
18. Krankbrother – Only One [Krankbrother]
19. Eddie Merced – Nemesis [R4808n Recordings]

20. Eloi – Confusion [Deeppa Records]
21. Tom Toms – Get The Mix! [Back Door Records]
22. apaull – Strays [furnace room records]
23. Luke Hess – E. Grand Blvd [dolly]
24. HARBISON – Nowhere Else [Miura Records]
25. Cinthie – Piano Heaven (St. David Remix) [Heist Recordings]
26. Francesco Mami – Piter (Ageless Mix) [Rhythm Cult]
27. Vito Natoli – Emotions [Hooj Choons]
28. Hansgod – Trim Line (Original Mix) [EP Digital Music]
29. CJW – Damage Limitation [Rhythm Cult]
30. Federico Gandin – Alternating Behaviors [Opilec Music]
31. Nabil Hayat – Night [FORM1]
32. So Kobayashi – Decaying Machines [So Kobayashi]

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33. Tiny Elvis – Desire (Bushwacka remix) [Cosmocities]
34. Molecule – Lonely feat. Johnny Clarke [Mille Feuilles]
35. Dark Room Robot – Loopy Banger [Forbidden Fruit Recordings]
36. Hercules & Love Affair – One (Pangaea Vocal Mix)[Skint]
37. Lucid Lucia – Mumpsimus (Dan Curtin remix) [Sdban Ultra]
38. Dara Ashrafi – Bound For Eternity (Original Mix)[VOODOO]
39. Ohm Hourani – Barbara (Villalobos & Javasoul Remix) [We R The Aliens]
40. Sean Ocean – Makemake [Milligramme]


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Photo/Cover by Hunter Harritt

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