Listen : Oliver Huntemann – ‘Propaganda Remixes Part 1’ (Alex Stein, Shall Ocin, Raxon, Carlo Ruetz, Hatzler, Marc Houle and Distale)on Senso Sounds

Senso Sounds collects together a fantastic remix package of Oliver Huntemann’s ‘Propaganda’ album. The longplayer dropped last year to much fanfare, richly deserving the praise for one of the longest serving techno dons in the European scene.

First up is Brazilian DJ and producer Alex Stein. His take on ‘Taktik’ is a suitably muscular approach, building the track around a thick, urgent pulse and proving ample space for tension-building slices of metallic FX.

Argentinian Shall Ocin flips ‘Egoist’, bringing about very different results – a euphoric peak time burner with huge amounts of energy.

Senso mainstay Carlo Ruetz takes on ‘Der schwarze Kanal’, and digs into an early groove that never lets up, building slowly over the tracks entirety. Hamburg’s own Hatzler brings his special talents to ‘Absurd’, and delivers a slick, powerful cut that unfolds over almost eight minutes of joy.

Canadian Minimal Techno producer Marc Houle turns his attention to ‘Poltergeist’, flipping the original into a streamlined slice of robo-techno, sharp as a knife with shards of percussion and killer synth stabs.
‘Rotlicht’ is presented in its full glory and joined by a tough-as-nails remix by Raxon. The Egyptian DJ and producer, born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, locks deep into the groove and adds his own delicious spin to the track.

‘Trick17’ is giving an Alternative Remix by Senso regular Distale. The Berlin resident provides a Beatport exclusive mix with more of a driving groove, and brings the arpeggiated synths to the fore.

Propaganda Remixes Pt.1 will be available from 30th November via Senso Sounds.


01. Taktik (Alex Stein Remix)
02. Egoist (Shall Ocin Remix)
03. Der schwarze Kanal (Carlo Ruetz Wilder Version)
04. Absurd (Hatzler Remix)
05. Poltergeist (Marc Houle Remix)
06. Rotlicht (Raxon Remix)
07. Trick 17 (Distale Alternative Remix) (Beatport exclusive)