Mix of the Day : Richie Hawtin – Contact (Munich, Germany 01.12.2018)

Mix recorded on MODEL 1 @ at CONTACT Festival, Munich 01.12.2018

On Richie’s Words:
Closing out 2018 with a sincere THANK-YOU to everyone who came out to one of the many dance floors around the world! This was a year where you could feel the excitement of another new generation discovering our music for the first time, taking hold of it, twisting it, making it their own, once again making Techno sound refreshing and exciting. Thank you to all of you for joining this global adventure and dedicating your passion into the ongoing development of electronic music. High-fives to all the life long friends and supporters, hugs to my family and a big kiss to Laura!

To celebrate another great year, here is my set from Contact Festival Munich


06 Kaiserdisco – Black Mamba
07 EME KULHNEK – Explicit (Original Mix)
08 Shlømo – Anastasia
09 Alexander Piers -183G
10 Durtysoxxx – Streamates (Original Mix)
11 Scott James & Jimmy Strip – Gotta Make This (Original Mix)
12 Durtysoxxx – Streamates (Dj Lion Remix)
13 Thick As Thieves – Any Time (D.A.V.E The Drummer Remix)
14 Cardao – Phenomena (Original Mix)
15 Mikel Gil – Ansient (Juliana Yamasaki Remix)
16 Sebastian Groth – Snow Leopard (Gary Burrows Remix)
17 Guillermo DR – Distorcion (Original Mix)
18 Pleasurekraft – Primordial
19 Goncalo M – Infinite Black (Dubmix)
20 Christian Hornbostel – Sensor (AlBird Remix)
21 Acid Clubbers – What is Techno (Original Mix)
22 Flug – Rave (Coyu Raw Mix)
23 Dario Sorano – Sidelight (Original Mix)
24 Victor Alvar – Subliminal (Original Mix)
25 Bilateral – Superficie (Manuel Di Martino Night Mix)
26 Roentgen Limiter – The Old School (Original Mix)
27 Tom Laws – Crazy (Spartaque Remix)
28 Spencer Parker – You’re Under My Control Now
29 Stomp Boxx – Neon
30 Paul Kremers- Anti Social Social Club (Original Mix)
31 Sigha – Flare
32 Sebastian Groth – Schracid (Original Mix)
33 Sebastian Groth – Feelings (Original Mix)
34 Baltthazar & JackRock – Rave Story