Premiere : Man In A Room – Idlewild

Man In A Room is back. The Irish multi-genre producer again offers some very select productions. In today’s content driven world, we may have found a respite. Opening with the classical “Refuge For Scarcities”, this piece remains discreet, resolutely patient and with its solo guitar and violin it carves out an ample space to reside in. Away from the colossal content we may wish to defect from.
Next up comes “Idlewild” – a wandering jazzy lounger in unusual 6/8 time. Warm tones and virtuoso Jazz piano at work here.
The final track is inspired by recent travels in Japan. Initially unhinged on arrival but all too soon realizing the magic of this stunning country. Relived via this Ambient allegory.

The Redolence” is full of colour, tone and fragrant soundscapes. Capturing vivid image, tribute and great sentiment.

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