Listen : Son of Elita – Dia Zero EP (Aprapta Music)

Aprapta Music are back with more essential club goodness, this time from Son of Elita who serves up three cuts of deep house. It’s a project born in 2014 with a slick minimal style that has landed on top labels like Natural Rhythm and UF Recordings.

Opener Dia Zero is a deep number with sci-fi motifs and wispy melodies drifting by and carrying your mind into tiny space as rubber drums roll below. In-tuicion is more experimental, with freaky sine waves and hiccuping synths spiralling round drunken drums. It’s a playful after party tune with lots of colour. Last of all, Shuriken is a dubby number with scurrying alien lifeforms and paired down drums bringing a dry groove that is utterly infectious. It rounds out a very tasteful EP.

Release Date: 7th December 2018

1) Dia Zero
2) In-tuicion
3) Shuriken