Eddie Niguel, Dachshund – We Are Friends EP (Part II)(Integrity Records)

Eddie Niguel, Dachshund We Are Friends EP (Part II)

The second instalment of Integrity Record’s ‘We Are Friends’ series features one of Swiss finest and more prolific dj/producer Dachshund, real name Oliver Doret, pairing up with label founder Eddie Niguel. First appearing on the label with a remix, the two have been fans of each other’s work over the years so this seems like a natural pairing for both producers.

Dachshund opens up the ep with a detroit tinged melodic house cut that hits all the right notes. You almost immediately know this one is going to be special from the first chord introduction. Warm hypnotic keys and chords floats and rises in intensity over time, rolling alongside a deep bassline and crisp shuffling grooves, locking the listener right from the start to finish, culminating in moments best felt on the dancefloor – Quite possibly one of Dachshunds best works to date. Singapore-born Producer and DJ Eddie Niguel follows through the raw aesthetics of the lead single but choose instead to go with a much more stripped down approach on this solo outing. Temporarily moving away from his big signature hooks of recent hits, the producer drops a deep and stripped down roller. Despite losing the big hooks in favour of a more dub like approach, ‘Who Made Who’ is still an effective tool helped in part by it’s throbbing drums that lands like a Tyson jab. Like some of the producers best ideas, it tends to be simple but he does it so with precision.

‘DXE’ brings together both the producers and it’s here that we get to hear the duo unleash their familiar signature sounds in full effect. Shimmering pads alongside an addictive hook over a dirty acid bassline and dub effects pummels the track forward. Crafted expertly for maximum effect on the dancefloor, the dance and feel good factor is high on this one. The label continues to demonstrate that exciting and authentic results really can be achieved when music is forged out of a friendship.

The ‘We Are Friends EP (Part II), will be released on the 21st of January 2019.
01. Dachshund – Must Say
02. Eddie Niguel – Who Made Who
03. Dachshund X Eddie Niguel – DXE