Listen : Exes x Jome – One Day

Bicoastal indie-pop duo EXES have teamed up with LA-based synthpop duo JOME for a new EP coming in early 2019. They just shared their first collaborative single “One Day”

A tragically romantic piece about love, time, and the idea of growing old with someone else, “One Day” is highlighted by dark acoustic and electric guitar riffs and fragile production which give the song a winter landscape, perfect for this time of year. “One Day” is the first single from EXES and JOME’s upcoming collaboration; the four writers and producers retreated to Marin County in Northern California this past October to write a collection of meaningful songs together. Their previous collaboration resulted in the 2017 single “Better Better” which garnered over 500,000streams across platforms. When EXES and JOME come together, the result is a diary-like, happy-sing kind of musical moment.