August Landelius returns after three years,Listen new single ‘All You Can Eat’

After first emerging back in 2015 with his debut EP ‘Float’, a release that garnered huge critical acclaim as well as regular airplay on BBC 6Music, Swedish producer August Landelius has been notoriously quiet ever since. But after three years of developing and honing his sound in his home studio, the beatmaker returns with his new single ‘All You Can Eat’, set to feature on his forthcoming debut album.

With its warped and ethereal atmosphere, ‘All You Can Eat’ sits as a haunting yet captivating return for the frontman. Filled with pulsing basslines and his own sombre vocals placed delicately over the top, the new single continues the unique presence he produced on his first EP, and sees it grow into something far more interesting and engaging throughout.

Speaking about his new release, Landelius added, “’All You Can Eat’ is about the specific social group I’m from, let’s say advantaged, western, freshly ‘woke’ young men. I’m a very privileged boy from Sweden and white male Swedes from where I’m from are used to complaining about all kinds of small things. I was extremely grossed out by myself and all my whining about useless problems. Not that I loved myself before, but now I almost felt like I had lost my identity, which is really pathetic. The thing is I couldn’t really help being a bit sad even though I now really, really understood how privileged I was

‘All You Can Eat’ is the first piece of new material the producer has unveiled from his forthcoming debut album, set to arrive in 2019. Having worked tirelessly on it since his first EP, he aims to see this as an example of inventing and then reinventing himself over and over again.

Speaking about his time creating the album, he said, “I have worked SOOOOOO hard on the album. I know everyone who makes an album says that but I’ve taken the train to weird places all over Europe to pick up specific gear, then learned how to work with them, then wrote, recorded, produced and mixed everything by myself. There’s been a lot of different versions of the tracks and every single detail on the album is reconsidered 300 times (just ask my label). You can expect rustic beats with more character than my previous stuff. I kinda want it to sound like a band playing electronic instruments live in one take. I’m fairly bored of perfectly sequenced beats. I’ve learned so incredibly much from this process and, in the end, I’m glad I really took my time. It feels like I’ve taken a master’s degree or something in a way (although I’ve never actually taken one, so I don’t know how that feels)”.

August Landelius will release his new single ‘All You Can Eat’ on the 18th January via Naiv Recordings, with his debut album set to arrive later in 2019.