Buffered Multiple return to Pomelo w Buffer 05

Buffered Multiple is the techno A/V project of Vienna electro poster boys Microthol. Buffered Multiple return to Pomelo after their debut on our 20 yrs compilation and subsequent EPs on other imprints. “Buffer 05” starts off with “Prime Time” in super-saturated dub techno mode, its sublimely textured chords ambling hypnotically over a tense and pounding beat. “Shitty Track” changes gears into jack mode, with a bleepy morphing swing hook that drives up the intensity over a percussive beat and takes all the right cues from Chicago’s second wave productions. “Junolized” delves deep into the abyss again, its expansive echoes weaving intricate layers of dub over a foundation of bottomless bass.

R.D.:22 April 2019

01. Prime Time
02. Shitty Track
03. Junolized