Francesca Lombardo- Rain Remixes EP (incl.Tobi Neumann, Kate Simko, MATTOKÌND, Robin Millar and Delos Remixes)

Taken from her highly acclaimed album, Life of Leaf released earlier this year, Francesca Lombardo’s beautiful and classically influenced Rain is next to get the remix treatment. Each personally selected by Lombardo, Tobi Neumann, Kate Simko, MATTOKÌND, Robin Millar and Delos all provide their own impressive interpretations.

Francesca explains “I wanted to have a variety of sounds. Tobi Neumann’s remix is for the dancefloor with an old-school edge. I chose Kate to bring something special to the track with her classical writing skills. Delos are an upcoming duo on my label and their style is non replicable. MATTOKÌND’s music is what I thought the original Rain missed – that space and air. Robin Millar is a talented producer and friend and it’s an honour to have him.

Released 19th April 2019

1. Rain (Tobi Neumann Remix)
2. Rain (Kate Simko Remix)
3. Rain (MATTOKÌND Remix)
4. Rain (Robin Millar Remix)
5. Rain (Tobi Neumann THNX4WTGN Remix)
6. Rain (Delos Remix)