Special Request – VORTEX

Special request returns from hibernation with four albums he made in his underpants.
Of the new material, he tells us: “I had a right fucking doss making this. Fuck all that conceptual guff m888
Strictly bowel-evacuating bangers. Those of a nervous disposition should also watch out for incontinence.
Many people think you can’t do anything truly NEW in electronic music.
Special request disagrees. He elaborates:
nah, that’s bollocks
Upon playing some of the new tracks to a friend, the question “are u alright m8?” was asked.
Now you, the avid listener, can answer for yourself.

Release Date: 2019-05-31
01. Belgian Entrance
02. SP4NN3R3D
03. Memory Lake
04. Ardkore Dolphin
05. Fahrenheit 451
06. Vortex 150
07. Levitation
08. Fett
09. A Gargantuan Melting Face Floating Effortlessly Through The Stratosphere