Spettro – Lunch With Kerri EP on Lucidflow

Spettro – Lunch With Kerri EP on Lucidflow

Spettro – Edward Scott, a native of Texas who is based in Mexico – brings a new flavour to Lucidflow on release #171. Techno has been drifting in fresh directions in recent years, with faster tempos and broken beats becoming more and more prevalent as the Microsoft Paperclip approach to rocking dance floors fatigues in equal measure.

You may have already caught a preview of the lead track ‘Lunch With Kerri’ if you jumped in on the recent tenth anniversary of Lucidflow vinyl. If not, this is your second bite of the cherry. Within seconds of listening, it is quite evident this is a departure from the usual Lucidflow sound, despite having the hallmark resonant dub vibe running through the tracks.

In ‘Lunch With Kerri’, the sound ping pongs off the walls, while ‘Huziteco’ features it as permanent undercurrent, and – with an excellent curveball – ‘Calle Consuelo’ goes for the purist approach to dub, rather following the template laid out by Basic Channel all those years ago. What sets this release apart is the abandonment of the four on the floor kick in favour of more indulgent territories. Flecks of jazz, fast tumbling beats, half-time body swerves – there is plenty here to wash over your taste buds. Be adventurous.

Spettro – Lunch With Kerri EP out 24.6.2019 from the usual stockists. Don’t forget, the title track is available on the Tenth Anniversary celebratory vinyl.

Listen Spettro – Taxco (Audiophile Deep)

Spettro – Cuatros Caminos (Barbuto Remix)