Premiere: San Mateo – polywater (8D Industries)

polywater taken from Sonet Ring EP on 8D Industries
San Mateo bends soundscapes and fuzzy rhythms, filtered through film grain and lo-fi aesthetics. The thread of remembrance and innocence guides San Mateo as warm emotion and intention emanate from the electronics. These songs are irresistibly melodic while strangely familiar, steeped in a tingling feeling of a shadow caught by the corner of an eye.
In a time of increased anxiety — fraught with divisiveness, depression, and addiction — San Mateo has turned to the notion of the Sonet Ring. A Sonet Ring is a term used to describe a healing ring. When the traffic breaks in one direction it automatically resolves to move in another. Though San Mateo’s Sonet Ring EP was inspired by our modern anxiety there is a silver lining of hope surrounding it. Things will eventually resolve to the desired resolution.

“polywater” in San Mateo words:

Polywater is an intentional juxtaposition of floating surreal calm with a layer of rushing anxiety threaded through it. The feeling is similar to what one (or at least I) gets inside of a sensory deprivation tank. Lying there in the unsinkable darkness trying to escape yourself, panic sometimes creeps in, but eventually, it lets go and you allowed to just drift. “polywater” also happens to be the first song that pulls me back to writing music outside of the computer, focusing once again on writing with hardware. I feel like this gave not only “polywater” but the rest of the EP an almost tactile experience. A way of writing that will stick with me for some time.

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1. polywater
2. re-evolver
3. haliphon
4. terra-incognita

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