Watch: Exclusive Marc Romboy live performance in Buenos Aires

Marc Romboy ‘s Systematic Recordings celebrates fifteen years with the 15 Yrs Systematic LP.
In celebration of the 15 Yrs Systematic compilation, watch video of Marc performing live in Buenos Aires, below.

15 Yrs Systematic is the third part in the five-year Systematic series, where Marc Romboy’s esteemed imprint, Systematic Recordings, celebrates each five-year milestone with a compilation of exclusive tracks. This edition features special releases from John Digweed, Fideles, ARTBAT and label frontman Marc Romboy.

Marc reflects: “Wow, 15 years with roundabout 200 releases of 50 artists are over and it feels like only three. I’m more than glad that so many friends have contributed fantastic tracks for the 15 years compilation. It’s worth giving all of them a careful listen!

The video of Marc performing at Crobar in Buenos Aires is indicative of what the album represents: quality releases produced over an extended period, that show just how far the Systematic Recordings imprint has come.