Waajeed – Ten Toes Down EP

Son of Detroit Waajeed is back with the three-track “Ten Toes Down” EP, the next chapter in a musical odyssey through struggle and self-awareness that finds the producer creating some of the strongest work of his career. It’s a study in contrast, as each song title—“Heavy,” “Deeper Into Blue,” “Too Black”—carries with it a symbolism that belies the stark dance floor aggression of the tracks themselves.

Joined by Wu-Tang songstress Blue Raspberry under alias Candi Lindsey on “Heavy” and the tribal soliloquy “Deeper Into Blue,” this new project is a reflection of many changes since last year’s “From the Dirt” full-length. Death, distraction and rumors are all fuel for one of the underground’s more restless souls, whose creations tell the stories of generations of both beauty and blight.

Whether it’s stress from the political climate in the world we live in, or resistance to my soulfulness from the industry, ‘Ten Toes Down’ is my mantra to stay true…but true to myself first,” Waajeed says. “It’s a reminder to stay committed to my voice and my community.

‘Ten Toes Down’ is the first in a string of releases in 2019.
26 July 2019
A1. Heavy feat. Candi Lindsey (Original Mix)
A2. Heavy (Instrumental)
B1. Deeper Into Blue (Original Mix)
B2. Too Black

Phenomenal Handclap Band – Jail (Waajeed’s Funkytown Remix)