Listen: Alternative-Pop Sensation Jacob Lee releases ‘Artistry’

‘Artistry’ is the latest single from Jacob Lee, the phenomenal young songwriter and entrepreneur based out of Gold Coast, Australia, out now , via his own label Philosophical Records. ‘Artistry’ was composed by Jacob Lee and produced by Matthew Bartlem (Broods, Matt Corby, Dead Letter Circus) of Loose Stones Studios. Jacob Lee has released four independent projects since his debut, 10 track album Philosophy, released in 2015, accumulating over 140 million streams across digital streaming platforms. Jacob has deliberately flown under the scope of the industry, engaging with fans in a manner that has created a community & social network all artists desire.

With the title track released April 5th and the second single, ‘Zen’, released on May 24th, Jacob has described his upcoming record as the perfect evolution from Philosophy, touching on topics he’s wanted to lyricise his entire life. With an appetite for creation & an aptitude for words, Jacob has found himself the landing pad for a myriad of international artists, becoming the primary melody-writer & lyricist for the likes of Will Sparks, Reece Low, Marco Farouk, Tom Enzy, Buzzmeisters, Trifo, Swede Dreams & more. Having sold out shows across Europe and the UK in January 2019, Jacob Lee is set to return in September, 2019. His tour kicks off with a show at London’s Camden Assembly on the 16th and includes a performance at the renowned Reeperbahn Fest.

Born in Southport, Queensland, Jacob acknowledges his father, a bassist and vocalist, as an early musical inspiration. Writing stories & playing music is something Jacob has always felt a calling toward and Jacob’s aspirations to become an author will soon be made manifest with Jacob Lee’s Book of Lyricism (Vol 1), launching throughout 2019, as well as an abundance of visuals, international touring & perhaps even another full-length record. Although he adores a variety of genres and is in awe of a multitude of artists, Lee has never made attempts to mimic the sound of any other. His sound can, however, be likened to that of James Bay, Calum Scott and Sleeping At Last. Chatting closely with Music Matters Media, Jacob explains, “I wish to be the most profound writer in music“, and in just a few more years, he very well may be.

If words could weave a tapestry, Jacob Lee’s new single ‘Artistry’ would be their catalyst. From delightedly delicate to hopelessly unhinged, Jacob Lee has woven yet another surprisingly relatable story into his already diverse catalogue. Released as the third single from his sought-after 2nd album, ‘Artistry’ touches on an unbalanced side of love. Through each stroke of his pen, Jacob Lee twists metaphors in a manner that leaves the listener simultaneously brimming with empathy & void with loss, showing us that music so gracefully elegant can also be woefully deranged.

Jacob had the following to share about his latest single, ‘Artistry’: “’Artistry’ could very well be the most tragic song I’ve ever released. From a tapestry woven by purity & love to a travesty knotted & barely recognisable, ‘Artistry’ conveys a twisting of love. It was written vaguely 8 months ago at my parent’s home on the Gold Coast. I was sat on a bar-stool near our old garage, messing around with the chord progression from ‘Oceans’. The majority of it was penned throughout that day, even though I had to study the terminology behind how tapestries were made… This piece is an ambiguous example of how fragile we feel in a position of selflessness, yet also how authoritative & powerful we feel when being selfish, even though, in reality, we eventually realise it is always the complete opposite.

Upcoming shows/ Tour dates:

16/9/19 – London – Camden Assembly
17/9/19 – Amsterdam – Bitterzoet
19-21/9/19 – Hamburg – Reeperbahn Festival
22/9/19 – Antwerp – Zappa
23/9/19 – Paris – 1999
24/9/19 – Zurich – Kater
27/9/19 – Bucharest – Expirat Club