Giant Swan will release their highly anticipated debut album/ Hear 55 Year Old Daughter

On November 8 the the Bristolian duo of Robin Stewart and Harry Wright AKA Giant Swan will release their highly anticipated debut album, on their own freshly-minted label, Keck.

Having built a formidable reputation for their hi-octane improvised performances, relentless international touring and a succession of acclaimed EPs on respected imprints such as Whities, Timedance and Mannequin, ‘Giant Swan’ sees the pair stepping things up significantly, with a full-length musical statement that bristles with the galvanising energy for which they’re known while introducing a fresh depth, range and sonic nuance to the equation.

Giant Swan – Giant Swan
Release Date: November 8, 2019
Track List

A1. 55 Year Old Daughter
A2. Pandaemonium
A3. ‘I’ As Proof
A4. Pan Head
A5. Not A Crossing
B2. Weight Of Love
B3. Peace Fort 9
B5. Spisbah

To me Giant Swan means lots of feelings and lots of fun. It’s like a mucky brain, with everything passing through it and being rendered as our music. It’s a vehicle for us to spread our want for a more open-minded and inclusive dance experience, fuelled by a conscious mantra with tongue firmly in cheek”, proclaims Robin, whilst Harry adds, “Giant Swan is just the name of a never-ending story. A statement that changes with each recipient, centred around tolerance, inclusion, self-sufficiency and TRUST. Oh and also weed and beats. It’s about getting stoned and losing ourselves to each other’s consciousness. This record is a conversation between aesthetics. A dialogue where a question is answered with another question until everyone in the room is left scratching their heads, or moving their feet.

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