Listen: Patawawa return with ‘That Guy’

Having spent the summer festival season getting sunburnt, rained on, playing main stages and impromptu parties alike, all often in the space of one weekend, Derbyshire trio Patawawa return in September with a new single, ‘That Guy’.

Having tried their hand at recording in a real studio with their last EP, ‘That Guy’ sees Sam, Beth and Rory go back to their bedroom roots to conjure up an exuberant explosion of funk bass lines, disco beats, massive pop choruses all tied together with a DIY indie sensibility.

After our adventures in Paris we decided to go ‘back to bedroom’ with this track (not to be confused with ‘back to bedlam’ – James blunt (RIP)),”explains Beth. “We drafted in a good Matlock mate of ours, Karma Kid, to give the song a bit of xtra pizzazz and I have to say we are more than made up with the result. We just can’t wait to share this absolute bop with you all!