Premiere: Madam Bliss – Bgirl Flowetry EP(Stream)+Free Download

Madam Bliss (real name Kirsten Wilson) hails originally from the east coast of the USA but is now based in California, where she has worked extensively with Death Row’s Tommy D.

This artist, remixer, producer and DJ thrives off the EDM bass music scene. She is known to mix all different types of Bass music together to form her own unique sound ranging from DNB/Jungle, breakbeats, trap music, house music, halftime music, and hip-hop.

Her work has appeared on We Got This Music, Street Ritual, Shadowtrix, BKoast, Pinecone Moonshine and other labels.

Her newest album is a clever and unique fusion of breakbeats, hip hop, Trap, Dnb and R&B. Bliss lays down sexy vocals over a couple tracks with hyphy baselines and intriguing melodies. Her tracks takes you on a sententious journey through eclectic sounds fused together in an exclusive style.

Hoodz has a majestic melody over top of a breakbeat, sure to make you move on the dancefloor. Bossanova bitch is a hyphy, bass heavy track with sexy vocals.

Contains a beautiful bossanova melody that keeps this track upbeat and feminine. This song is about being a female in a male dominated industry. They can have what they have, but they’ll never have the feminine touch.

High Like Planes is a fun breakbeat track with tantalizing bass hits and a fun melody with a familiar vocal. Lifted is another song with vocals by Madam Bliss that gets you lifted into outer space with fun builds and contains some hip hop flair.

Saxy Wax is a hip hop influenced track with funky Saxophone sounds overtop.

Madam Bliss – Bgirl Flowetry EP
Track Listing:
1. Hoodz
2. Bossanova Bitch
3. High Like Planes
4. Lifted
5. Saxy Wax

Free Download bonus track here