Premiere: Goeran Meyer – Light Glasses (MYR)

Light Glasses taken from Blue Glasses EP, out October 4th on MYR
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MYR`s consistency to growing its deep house archive has been consistent through the last few years seeing the labels meteoric rise spearheaded by none other than label boss Goeran Meyer. His attention to detail is evident in the way he sculpts his music with galactic soundscapes and deeply emotional connections built into the core of his productions.

The young imprints 16th release marks a critical milestone in its growth as it heads toward an iconic goal of releasing quality music. Leading from the front Goeran Meyer steps forward for the dance collectives 16th release with his two-track “Blue Glasses EP”.

The title song „Blue Glasses“ shows versatility in many forms from the German producer. Featuring a synthesized lead of pulsing bells that winds through the track as it`s underpinned by dusty deep house drum progressions and syncopated grooves, a true characteristic of Goeran`s musical approach. Offsetting the laid back emotional drive from the first song Goeran brings his dancefloor heat to the forefront with the second track on the EP titled „Light Glasses”.

The energy lifts, drum progressions increase the punch with carefully structured hi-hat patterns flutter effortlessly over the entire song showing another critical element to Goeran`s emotionally constructive energy and ability to dictate the mood on the dancefloor showing the mark of an authentic an electronic artist.

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