Premiere: Andy Martin – Apolo (Redlight)

Apolo taken from ‘Orfeo EP’ out January 10th on Redlight
Mexican talent Andy Martin is releasing ‘Orfeo EP’ on Redlight, after his remix of Max Duke’s ‘Echoes’ last July. Three new tracks under an organic techno umbrela, together with a lo-fi house remix by Spanish and Berlin-based artist Gavio (Culprit).

The release opens with ‘Orfeo’. An organic / acid techno track. Both dark and acid sounds flow along the song, while repetitive and hypnotic snare “vibrations” (also on the vocals) are completing the groove full circle.

Second is ‘Apolo’, another organic techno track with loopy minimal sounds and raw sound textures.

Third on the counter we find Gavio’s remix from ‘Orfeo’. With a house music approach, the Spanish artist is twisting the track into lo-fi groove house. A moody bassline, some keys and some classic house pads complete the formula.

The forth and last track is ‘Delfos’, a more experimental techno adventure of the Mexican talent. Big textures in eco, a big “kick driven flow” and some small sound details around it are making game.

Orfeo EP – Redlight Music – 10.01.2020

Orfeo EP with a remix from Gavio – Redlight Music – 10.01.2020

Posted by Andy Martin on Monday, December 30, 2019

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