James Solace delivers the ‘Ghost Town EP’ on Last Night On Earth

Following releases from top-flight labels including Knee Deep In Sound and Hot Creations, James Solace delivers the ‘Ghost Town EP’, a collection of four club tracks that span the deeper corners of the electronic spectrum.

James drives in with ‘Universal’, a 4/4 house cut that blurs the lines between multiple dance genres while maintaining a stylish, stripped-back feel. A pacey analog drum groove rides under tremulating synth pads and glossy arpeggios. ‘Ghost Town’ follows with delightful stacks of bright percussion over a deep-cut kick. Lopassed chords throb underneath while James throws us deeper into his hypnotic grooves with incisions of cowbell rhythms that offset the central pulse.

‘Spectral’ contrasts immersive ambient textures with diligent kicks and bright, splashy open hi-hats. Layering in ripping synth layers across a mesmerizing beat of effective synth chord stabs. James closes the record with the super percussive, experimental track ‘Thoughts’. His delicate layers of though-conscious ethnic sampling meet the hedonistic polyrhythms from the swathes of interlocking percussion instruments.