Techmarine Bottom Feeders (Paris the Black FU from Detroit Grand Pubahs and Luxus Varta) announces debut album ‘Boanerges and the Watery Deep’

Following two EPs announcing the electronic machinations of the Techmarine Bottom Feeders, the project composed of Paris the Black FU from Detroit Grand Pubahs and Luxus Varta, now deliver their debut album ‘Boanerges and the Watery Deep.’

The Techmarine Bottom Feeders concept is a project that’s been burning away in the back of Paris’s mind since childhood. His imagination was piqued after seeing the covers of novels his father was reading at the time and he soon began imagining his own stories, like that of his ocean dwelling misfits. Over the years the TBF story has grown and mutated but Paris still didn’t have an outlet for it. Nevertheless, other projects he subsequently worked on like Detroit Grand Pubahs’ 2007 release ‘Skydive From Venus’ touched on the back-story in his mind’s eye, while US politics and developments in modern life like the commercial introduction of GM food helped to shape it.

As the story started to solidify we discover a world where genetically modified food begins to affect the poorer masses of the population physically, altering their DNA. Beginning to feel more comfortable in water than on land, a community of those affected decide to return to the seas. They become the first Techmaridians and the story unfolds as we meet second-generation twins the ‘Sons of Thunder’ via a hefty dose of staccato electro-funk, the conflicted dark echoes of the ‘Proud Traitor ’s Demise’ weigh with a heavy heart and the hypnotic acid-fuelled instructions left by his son, ‘The Vision’ lead us ever further into the dark fathoms of ‘Boanerges and the Watery Deep’.

‘Boanerges and the Watery Deep’ is released 24 April on EPMMusic.

1. Sub Lineage Genesis
2. We Cannot Help You (Side Steppin)
3. Out of Water Out of Time
4. Sons of Thunder
5. Constructing a Powerful Enemy
6. The Scientists Were only Being Scientific
7. The Vision (Left Further Instructions)
8. A Quagmire Of Confusion
9. Sons of Experimentation and War
10. The Proud Traitors Demise
11. The Lens Gateway
12. A Groundless New World

Listen Techmarine Bottom Feeders – Sons of Experimentation and War (Cristian Vogel Remix)