Greek imprint Trial & Error announces expansive Athenian club compilation

Greek label and promoters Trial & Error present their first compilation, Athens UHD, curated by Marios ‘bonebrokk’ Naris.

Athens UHD is a deep dive into the contemporary Greek club scene featuring 15 tracks that clearly depict the modern Athenian club landscape. Featuring razor-sharp broken beats, eastern percussion and cutting edge textures, the compilation proves why Athens is one of the most interesting rising capitals for club sonics.

Made for future thinking music lovers worldwide, TNE003 is notably a 100% Greek product, featuring artwork from Greek designer Inhalt and mastering by the Athenian, Stefan Konstantinidis.

Athens Athens UHD (Trial & Error)
1. MarcelDune – The Impossible Dream
2. Aroent – T Capsule
3. Ice_Eyes – Mouth Foot
4. NatCase – AI Mass Panic
5. ASTYTEKK – Meta Leak
6. Turbo Teeth – Bruised & Polished
7. Evita Manji – Carica
8. bonebrokk – Nessus Chant
9. Dervisis – Crystal Ball Emoji
10. Giganta – WTF Ft. Galactica
11. Statik II – Franklestein
12. FXLNG – Untitled
13. Yorgia Karidi – Yesness
14. Pass The Knife – Faidon Get’s Excited
15. Jennisek – Foundation