Premiere: Dead Circuits – Brain Chamber (Courier Sound)

Brain Chamber from Symbiosis LP by Rorquals & Dead Circuits , out 20 April on Courier Sound
Rorquals is the exploration of experimental drone music through amplified guitar, organ and electronics to create the honest, the intense and all the encompassing’

‘Dead Circuits is about writing and performing music in the moment. I record my performances in a single take with “on the fly” arrangement using hand built drone Synths, effects and modular Synths’

Track Listing:
Side A
Track 1 Rorquals – The Trail
Track 2 Rorquals – Sudden Light
Track 3 Rorquals & Dead Circuits – Collision
Side B
Track 1 Dead Circuits – Brain Chamber
Track 2 Dead Circuits – The Breathing Method
Track 3 Dead Circuits & Rorquals – Malfunction

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