Listen: Bruce & Lurka team up as XRA for new single ‘Invisible’

The Hessle Audio & Timedance heavyweights team up for another mind-bending single under their newest guise.

Lurka and Bruce return to their ruff and tuff supergroup/boy band outfit XRA, to tear little holes in your bass bins once again. Last year’s release saw them live up to their retrospective hypes, combining their beat mangling, cool ass, super geek skills, to form an exploding, wild and wonderful 4-tracker for ambitious DJs and rood riddim sound warriors alike: capturing the unstoppable energy of the hardcore continuum, within a razor-sharp frame of IDM kinetics; lean, mean with a little bit of serene.

But now, the dust has begun to clear and from the fray, a new and unfamiliar shape can be seen emerging. The clouds open to a delicate but downcast sheet of digital rain, and soft blues and silvers strike the earth in the distance, like lonely misfires in a sad cybernetic storm. Time slows to a steady, sullen pulse and a pressure slowly builds, lucid and foreboding. You feel yourself slipping into a gaseous chem-trip, blissful yet toxic, trails of movement tracing lines of light and lingering sounds, weaving in and out of your digital net of consciousness. Plugged in now, a voice reaches out and clasps you in a cooling embrace, uttering sorrows and laments of it’s trapped digital existence. The words fizz and dissolve in emotive synths and you wonder whether they were ever there. Can we pull back the veil of static and reach into the source of all being? Do you compute? Or is it all Invisible?

With Bruce on sad-boi vocals and Lurka exploring his not-guilty-fetish for tech house waft, ‘Invisible’ comes in four razor sharp cuts for techno cyberpunks of all casts. Use with discretion – you might not come back from the ride with your consciousness intact.

XRA (Bruce & Lurka) – Invisible EP
Release Date: June 10th

1. XRA (Bruce & Lurka) – Invisible (Vocal Mix)
2. XRA (Bruce & Lurka) – Invisible (Instrumental)
3. XRA (Bruce & Lurka) – Invisible (Bass-apella)
4. XRA (Bruce & Lurka) – Invisible (Radio Mix)

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