Premiere: andrea 20hz – Diciotto (PCOLOR)

Diciotto taken from Grace EP by andrea 20hz on PCOLOR
On artists words about EP :
This EP was born from my need to experiment, trying to create something not approved in classic genres; as a first release I preferred to try to create a product that contain inside various styles and influences from my background, not paying attention to the musical styles of the moment. The first track GRACE, which gives its name to the EP, it’s a composition of 10 minutes, and is thought more like an opera / journey, with influences that comes from Frank Zappa Stockhausen and Klaus Sculze, but at the rhythmic level could, however, somehow remain in club clothes; tuned and built on a vocal line of Grace Jones and the initial theme of bass comes from a guitar line by Pat Metheny. DICIOTTO is pure electronica, born from a sample obtained from an old broken arpeggiator from Oberhaim who gave this error that I recorded and it is the lead, + an old Italian drum machine from Eko, VISION is more “Housey electronica“ with a sample vocal that softens its features. BRAINLIFTING, an experiment with an 80s attitude and an organ line “a la Ray Manzareck“. a real maestro for me that influenced me much in the way to compose bass, lead and arpeggios. Music is the way andrea 20hz
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