Mix of the Day: Distorted Drill Dubiks Podcast #04

Milan based artist Distorted Drill has a new Electro-Techno EP called Black Witches out.
Five tracks dark and mysterious stories and legend that gives you charme and intrigue and a bit of excitement, as many as these tracks when you listen the entire EP, dancing with a mix of emotions in dark electro ambient.
He has been influenced from Gabber Music, Electro Acid from 90’s, Breakbeat and old school Hip Hop.
Distorted Drill, a mixed influenced artist that want to sounds like old hits but related to the present sound, real analogic with distorted and an aggressive impact (stay away if you suffer of heartattack), to coincide with this release has done a special podcast for Dubiks.

1. Distorted Drill – Morgana
2. Schacke – Kisloty People
3. Distorted Drill – Aradia
4. Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – Turnin’ Headz
5. Distorted Drill – Arcade
6. Jensen Interceptor – Ufology
7. Distorted Drill – Multi Kong
8. Aloka – Convex
9. Distorted Drill – Nintendo
10. Kamus – Spanka Clawz
11. Norwell – Secret Transmission
12. Deemphasis – My Empire
13. Phrixus – Full Metal
14. Nobel & She’s Drunk – The Thunder
15. Battle Scar – Turn Me On, Turn Me Up
16. Neana on the Trak – The Approach
17. Distorted Drill – Didgeridoo Commander
18. Twelve – Time
19. Distorted Drill – Baba Jaga

Black Witches EP is out now via Dubiks Music Stream or Download here