Cezar Guna and REALM bring a special collaboration for The Cage Freestyle song

The artist Cezar Guna and the producer REALM release The Cage Freestyle, a song about the ability to control emotions when others want to knock you down and manipulate you.
Cezar and REALM are very good friends and this collaboration is a special one for them, being also the first song that REALM not only produces, but in which he is also involved in the vocal side.

“Many times in life you can feel like you are in a cage, it can be because of a job, maybe we don’t do what we like and so on, and this is a problem that I think many people face. Even more often it happens that some people follow your every mistake and try to pull you down.We tried to talk about this in several street languages. When I heard the rhythm, I immediately vibrated with it and then asked REALM to join the song. We are extremely happy with the result, it is a song that we like a lot and that I hope you will too”, Cezar Guna said.


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