DJ Godfather delivers his very first solo artist album, ‘Electro Beats For Freaks’

The legendary DJ Godfather delivers his very first solo artist album, ‘Electro Beats For Freaks’.

DJ Godfather (Brian Jeffries) is one of the founding fathers of the Detroit Ghettotech scene. He started DJing at the age of 15 and within a few months was already playing in clubs and after-hour parties across the Motor City. By 17 he’d started making music and a year later, released his first solo record on Twilight 76 (the label he started with DJ Dick and Brian Gillespie). The creation of other labels followed including the influential Databass, which he revived in 2018. With a career spanning near on 3 decades, he’s continued to deliver the goods as well as supporting new Detroit talent, as his Godfather moniker implies. As a DJ, his battle style turntablism has made him a hero in his city (you only have to witness the crowds he pulls at Detroit’s Movement Festival) and the many places around the globe where he’s laid down his fine-tuned skills. Over the years it’s gained him worldwide recognition and various DJing accolades. Even through 2020’s Coronavirus lockdown he’s wowed audiences with his expert live streams.

Despite the many tracks, EPs and mix compilations he’s released over the years, ‘Electro Beats For Freaks’ is DJ Godfather’s first proper artist album, and his biggest undertaking to date. With nearly 2 hours of music, it’s a collection of 44 tracks that range from Ghettotech to Juke and Electro; Techhouse to Bmore. The tracks (only a handful of which have been previously released) transition into one another with a seamless flow, so they can either be heard individually or as a continuous playback.

The album will be followed through 2021 with a series of EP releases featuring longer length versions, a cappellas, instrumentals and BPM variations.

DJ Godfather‘ Electro Beats For Freaks ’
20 November on Databass

Track Listing:
01. Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself
02. Bitch Get Off Me (Feat. Parkhouse)
03. D3T-313
04. Keep My Name Out Your Mouth (Feat. Lil Mz 313)
05. Bounce Dat Ass (Feat. Goodmoney G100)
06. Show Some Respect
07. Godzilla 2020
08. Shut The Fuck Up (Feat. King Saadi)
09. Only One City
10. Make The Ass Go BOOM (Feat. Goodmoney G100)
11. Get It Girl
12. Rebirth Of A City
13. It’s On Again (Feat. Goodmoney G100)
14. Games With WOPR
15. Late Night Funk
16. Wack DJ (Feat. Goodmoney G100)
17. King Of The Circle
18. Jit Like Me (Feat. Parkhouse)
19. Elektro Rok
20. High (Feat. Goodmoney G100)
21. Jit Or Die
22. Work The M.F. (Feat. Parkhouse)
23. Sunday Morning Spliff
24. They Wanna See My Footwork (Feat. Goodmoney G100)
25. The Battle
26. Owe You Shit (Feat. Lil Mz 313)
27. Booty Funk
28. These Strippers (Feat. Dan Diamond)
29. Certified Freak Hoe (Feat. King Saadi)
30. Up All Night (Feat. Christina Chriss)
31. Loud Mouth (Feat. Goodmoney G100)
32. I’m Drunk, I’m High (Feat. Parkhouse)
33. Woooooo!
34. Big Girl (Feat. Parkhouse)
35. The D
36. But Her Friend (Feat. Goodmoney G100)
37. 313 Keep It Down
38. Nights At The Packard
39. Like Some Dubstep
40. Blow The Bitch Down (Feat. Goodmoney G100)
41. Do It!
42. Detroit After Dark
43. Let Me See That Jit
44. Smoke In Da Air