Premiere: Silene – Ozaki (Miracle Drug)

Ozaki taken from S/T Ep out 30 April on Miracle Drug

Yokota kicks things off with a catchy, synth-infused bass line that’s followed up by off timing snare hits that glue it altogether. The breakdowns will have you wondering where the track will lead you to next with a subtle synth melody and eerie atmospherics hovering in the background. but it all comes back to the original and mesmerizing bass line.

The title track Ozaki is deep and dark with a stabbing laser sounding synth leading the way. Haunting atmospherics and strange noise effects fill the empty spaces and the breakbeat is sure to get everyone moving.

Kandori is a serious dancefloor killer that will get things warmed up. A hypnotic bass line will suck you in with voice samples holding the melody of the track in place. The industrialized breakbeat truly brings out the flavor of the track.

Inoue rounds out the ep with a mix of industrial hits, chopping percussion, dark-analog basslines and a light synth melody counteracting the overall darkness of the track that will take you on a range of emotions.

Silene is a Bristol based producer with past releases on Nous Disques, Fever AM, and his own imprint Energy Source. He also has a monthly residency on 1020 radio the 1st Thursday of every month.

Track Listing:
1. Yokota
2. Ozaki
3. Kandori
4. Inoue

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