Martyn + 3024 announce mentoring compilation series/Listen to ‘Talik – I See Faces in the Trees’

While everyone experienced the great ‘reset’ of the global pandemic differently, the absence of gigs and touring provided space to re-think how music should be made, released and distributed. New initiatives and ideas have surfaced to make the electronic music scene more interesting, more innovative and more inclusive than before. One such initiative is the 3024 Mentoring Program.

Based on Martyn’s holistic approach to music-making the program helps producers of all experience levels to find their own voice and develop it. But this unique period in time has helped turn this program into so much more than just that ; it’s become a vibrant community of producers, dj’s, radio makers exchanging ideas and creative energy. This spawned the idea of the three-part compilation “It Was Always There”.

In character with 3024’s open minded attitude towards genre-bending and style nomadism, “It Was Always There” is a 28 track collection to be released over the summer of ’21, featuring exciting music by producers, some established, some yet to be discovered, who are united in their dedicated quest for innovation and fine tuning of their sound. From the warm summer’s day dnb of White Transit Van, the glitched out bass mutations of Talik, to the relentless warehouse techno of ADG, it all has its place in the 3024 universe. We hope you enjoy this small treasure of exciting music!

-Martyn & Jeroen Erosie @ 3024

V/A – It Was Always There Vol 1
Release Date:16 July 2021

01. Talik – I See Faces in the Trees
02. Sobolik – Like Like
03. CCL – Drum On
04. White Transit Van – Let the Seasons Drift
05. Anchoret – Pushpull
06. ADG – Sibi
07. Laurence – Headrest
08. Planète – Deep Navy
09. Pharma & J Weaver – Red Shift