Listen: Anna Gram preps Orbital/Global Communication-influenced debut EP for Hammer’s Remmah imprint

Following on from the hotly received single ‘Heaven Help Me’ in May, Anna Gram prepares her full debut EP for Hammer’s Remmah imprint. ‘Celestial Objects’ is a four-track collection of expansive electronica that takes a vibrantly modern approach to the timeless era of Orbital , Future Sound of London and Global Communication, without ever falling into mere nostalgia or cliche.

With an assured touch that speaks to the lifelong passion she has for electronic music history, Anna Gram blends the nuanced rolling breakbeats, melodic synths and subtle textures of those aforementioned greats with her own distinct style. That signature take has been long forged on the dancefloors of Glasgow where she has been an integral part of the city’s LGBTQIA scene, most notably as a resident of the ‘Shoot Your Shot’ party series, and in partnership with ‘Heaven Help Me’ vocalist Bonzai Bonner, as DJ duo LEZZER QUEST.

01 Celestial Objects
02 Heaven Help Me
03 I’ll Keep You Safe
04 Sinistra